Monday, 31 December 2012

the bucket list of 2013!

1. FINISH recoding the site!


3. GET RID OF YOUR all the backlogs.

4. GET A JOB after ORD

5. save for a  JAPAN trip at year end!

6. Be happy yo.


bonus resolutions:

a. save for LEICA M6

b. an FX camera... really... i am surrounded by FX users seh...

c. dun be late.


e. get attached... really.


OKAY HAPPY 2013 GUYS... ( in 7 mins)

less than an hour to the end of 2012...

AND guess what...




/end spoiler alert/


but well yap this blog is kinda dead [all thanks to National Service, thank you SAF!]

so here is the yearly update that i tend to last minute do on every New year Eve.


remeber this post ?


Well basically out of the list... i only managed to do No.3 :Upgrade my NAS. everything else is kinda end up forgotten, or end up a failure lol. or still work in progress...

SO... what did i do for 2012?

1. I upgraded my PC so now i have a work horse at home that is able to render and process work. [and its true purpose is for gaming]

2. I made 3 videos, all for the army and all 3 are classified so they will never see the daylight outside of a military camp.

3. Only managed to have a few shoots this year... mostly non cosplay. [which reminds me to edit the remaining that i have not touch]

4. I managed to get my injury claim money... not much but at least it will settle some of my short term money issues...

5. I AM STILL waiting for my surgery...

6. i am only 5 mths and 7 days more to ORD!!!

so ya... i that is kinda of sad... 2012 was like a useless year... kinda expected it...


SO ya 30 mins more to 2013! now i need to make some new year resolutions...




Wednesday, 24 October 2012

I want, but i can't but i want.....

Finally after 1 year of waiting for all the reports to settle, i finally got my compensation pay out. it was more than i expected it to be, but well it will not cover the for all the things i really want.

Item 1: A new PC...
Actually i have just ordered the following parts. now all i need is to pay up and collect them:

Inline images 1
- Z77 sabertooth with i7 3770k
- 16 gb RAM
- ATi 7850OC 2gb gfx.
- 256GB SSD
- 2x 2 TB WD Red for my NAS
- cosair H100 cooling. ( man amazon is way freaking cheap(er).)

amazingly these parts are not cheap at all... lucky i have the casing, screen and sound system standby lol.

item 2:

Inline images 2
(photo from

A Second hand Leica M6. It is really my dream camera. but at first i thought a Voigtlander 35mm/f1.4 Nokton for starter, but well if i could... then LEICA SUMMILUX-M 50mm f/1.4 ASPH.. ( I WISH)

Saturday, 16 June 2012

More of The Girl who played with lalangs











Photography by : togusa chan

Model : Reichel

Clothes: Model's own.


And that is the end of the photo set. I think i need more shoots!

Monday, 11 June 2012


Last month, Me and Windy did a crazy 36 hours trip to KL just to get the good tickets for the AFA: MY : I love anisong concerts. We did get good seats... and i think the concert really made this short AFA:MY trip worth.

The main event was sadly a disappointment.. maybe due to the fact that we singaporeans had so many chance and years of attending AFA, that the main exhibition hall end up looks /feels boring.
there was way less booths, stalls and artist or things to do. And the hall seems to be actually smaller than Comicfiesta 2011 @ KLCC.

But actually it is all different in the Stage Hall. The sound system was horrible during all the talks and during the RCC, BUT CAME THE CONCERT IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!

Day 1 had Maon Kurosaki, Aimi and lastly Kalafina. Unlike last year AFA11's performance where you can't really hear the power of the vocals due to the over powering bass. IT was prefect here.
Maon sang her hearts out. and I am still not used to Keiko's difference in voice when she sings and talks. [bloody kawaii girl]

Day 2 had Sea☆A, Kotoko and FLOW I was kinda not as hyped up as the day before, but really i was here for Flow once again. I attended their gig during AFA 11 and really i wanted to see them again!.
I was actually surprise with the crowd support for
Sea☆A, the malaysians really supported anyone who was on stage, whether was it the headliner or some local band opening the concert.  This is something you do not see in back home in singapore, where i remembered like 90% of the crowd just sat down and did not bother about Sea☆A.

Kotoko really had a big fan base in KL,( although i was sadly the few that did not know know who she was till the concert) and last was FLOW to pump my hearts out once again. They kinda did the same set and act as back in AFA, but really it was still AWESOME!!!! So after like a 60mins gig with another 2 songs encore. AFA:MY came to an end. But what awesome trip to AFA if i did not get any autographs?

I managed to be the lucky few who won a FLOW autographed poster and I got my CD cover autographed by them too!.

some pics below.


Awesomely cool Kohshi




TAKE up close!

More photos from my AFA:MY Trip can be found here on my facebook.

Now lets hope the organizers will not ask me to pull down the pics....

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

One year on....

1 year ago, at this timing I left the land of the rising sun on a very wet night. Even thought I felt Tokyo was not that long ago, time really went by quite fast for the past 1 year. ( okay it felt damn long especially when I am in Tekong, twice some more)  Right after that long 12 days in Tokyo. I had 48hours to prep myself for the longest waste of my life. National service. Not that I am against it but I felt that I can put my life into a better use than me training my not so physically fit body.

So during the past year many things had changed:
 I had got into a relationship,
then went to get injured in Tekong.
 Kena out of course from Tekong,
got horribly frustrated,
then gotten out of  the relationship.
Became even more horribly frustrated with myself and super emotional.
 Went back to Tekong again.
Shoulder weaken even more.
Became quite of a hermit.
Stop being interesting.
Watching more drama than animes
Realised my Life may end up worse than Ted.
Lost my creative touch
Rotting on 9gag
My SLR died, D300s is kinda rotting away. LC-A+ filled with a film that only managed to move 3 frames a week.
Getting really emotional over small things.
And diablo 3 maybe the only thing I do when I get home.

Monday, 28 May 2012

dude you are wasting your life again...

1 Month ago, i spent $72 on a card.
13 days ago. i queued up 4 hours with that card to collect a box
That box had just numbers... The game key that basically made me rot at home for the past 13 days.

That is Diablo 3. Well not like i have anything else to really do.... (other then editing 10 shoots, 2 videos and some slides for the army... )
once again i am wasting my life on a game again.

But hey it is my childhood game... I spent playing diablo 2 with my fren for like 3 years till one of them actually had to be drop to N(A) coz he was spending more time farming than studying.

Anyways it is saving me money, 2 weekends and i have not really been going out.. (okay my spent 1 saturday on duty in camp, so it doesn't count i guess)

oh screw this blog post i have no idea what i am typing *goes back to saving tristram*